Size and prices

Print Size Options

As a standard language we use inches and the ISO scale (A4, A3, A2 ect) to describe print sizes, reason being that the standard photo and frame sizes internationally use inches and the ISO scale, not millimetres.

The iPF Pro 4000 being a wide format printer has paper size limitations; being designed for large prints it takes sheet paper from A4 size all the way up to B0, and rolled paper from 17” to 44”. Given the paper size limitations we are only able to offer printing for sizes 8x10 and upwards economically. Sizes under 8x10, such as 6x4 and 5x7 cannot be printed cheap enough to be a viable option, such sizes can be handled by other print services such as any Camera House that have print Kiosks.

Below is our print price guide for the three base papers we offer. This guide is general; if you need any size that is not listed specifically we will figure out where in the chart it fits and go with an average price.

The “Cut Sheet” and “Roll paper” columns outline whether the printing is available on a cut sheet or roll. When there is a green tick , that option is available, a red cross  meaning unavailable. All sizes are available on rolled paper.  

The rows that are highlighted green will be printed on rolled paper as cut sheets are not available in this size, rows not highlighted will printed on cut sheet.