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Printing & Framing Service

About our service

White Sands Gallery Printing & Framing Service works along side with our brick and mortar Photographic Gallery that we run in Esperance Western Australia. We have always loved printing, there is something about seeing our work printed and hanging that is both very satisfying and additive at the same time, even more so when you print the photographs yourself. We want to bring that passion we have for printing to your own images as well.  For any enquiries for printing or framing of your own images, please email Gary at

Ordering your prints

Ordering your prints is easy, just fill out our order form which you can download HERE, then e-mail the order form back to us at and we will review the order and reply back with a quote.

If you require framing as well please contact Gary on the above email first to discuss your options. At this stage framing options are only able to be picked up in store or we can arrange for them to be sent to Perth (you will then pick up from Maddington) 

If you are an Esperance local or are in Esperance on your travels you might want to download and fill out the order form and drop it into the gallery by hand and say hi.

Once you approve our quote we can get started, first you will need to send us your image files, you can use any service you like to forward the images to us, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or any of the thousand others. It's recommended that you resize the images yourself but we can definitely do that for you if needed. If you do resize the images yourself please use 300ppi to get the best quality print.

Printer info

The printer we use is the Canon iPF PRO-4000, a 44 inch wide format printer that could arguably be the best photographic printer available. Without going into a long rant on how good it is, it uses 11 Canon Lucia pro inks to create the most amazing prints, both colour and black and white. Additionally there is a Chromatic Optimiser which is basically a clear coat over the entire print surface to help improve the visible quality of the finished print further by enhancing the reflective properties of the ink.

Paper Range

We have priced our service very competitively whilst maintaining great quality controls and a high level of detail to our customers. We use only high quality photographic paper; our base paper range is Ilford Galerie Prestige which is regarded as one of best photographic paper ranges on the market. The three types of paper we offer are;

  • GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl:

This is our personal go to paper with a smooth pearl finish to eliminate glare and with its natural photographic white tint, produce prints with the true look and feel of a photograph. For outstanding imaging performance, combined with the benefit of “touch dry” from the printer, this pearl surface media is the choice of professionals. Smooth Pearl is also the most economical paper choice in the prestige range.

  • GALERIE Smooth Cotton Rag:

A fine art paper made from 100% cotton rag with no optical brighteners, a clean smooth matt surface with high colour consistency and gamut offering the very best in fine art printing.

  • GALERIE Prestige Gold Fibre Gloss

A throwback to a bygone era, this traditional fibre-base photo paper is ideal for high quality black and white printing and offers an exceptional wide gamut for colour, detail and tonality. Also with no optical brighteners, and a seamless transition between contrast, shadow detail and highlight areas, this new exciting addition to the GALERIE Prestige range is sure to be a winner.

Canvas Range

(Available Soon) 
Email us at to be kept in the loop

We only use CANSON® INFINITY PHOTOART PRO CANVAS. This is Canson’s top grade professional canvas and is “OBA Free” (No Optical Brightening Agents). Manufactured with a high quality poly-cotton canvas base, coated with a new advanced technology of microporous coating.

The Canson® Infinity PhotoArt ProCanvas portfolio is Water resistant and specifically designed for professionals in search of a Canvas that can produce true Fine Art Reproductions precision images with a very high resolution.

We varnish the Canvas with BREATHING COLOR TIMELESS SATIN VARNISH. Timeless is a proprietary water-based, non-yellowing print varnish that has been developed to protect, preserve and enhance fine art and canvas prints produced on digital inkjet printers.

We use good quality stretcher bar and choose a thickness to suit the size of the print.  The bigger the print, the bigger the stretcher bar to ensure its solid and strong.

Our printing and price guide is exactly that, a guide. If you have an image that does not exactly fit the sizes listed we will slip it in where it fits best and price it accordingly.

Paper Print Size Options and Prices

As a standard language we use inches and the ISO scale (A4, A3, A2 ect) to describe print sizes, reason being that the standard photo and frame sizes internationally use inches and the ISO scale, not millimetres.

The iPF Pro 4000 being a wide format printer has paper size limitations; being designed for large prints it takes sheet paper from A4 size all the way up to B0, and rolled paper from 17” to 44”. Given the paper size limitations we are only able to offer printing for sizes 8x10 and upwards economically. Sizes under 8x10, such as 6x4 and 5x7 cannot be printed cheap enough to be a viable option, such sizes can be handled by other print services such as any Camera House that have print Kiosks.

Below is our print price guide for the three base papers we offer. This guide is general; if you need any size that is not listed specifically we will figure out where in the chart it fits and go with an average price.

The “Cut Sheet” and “Roll paper” columns outline whether the printing is available on a cut sheet or roll. When there is a green tick, that option is available, a red cross  meaning unavailable. All sizes are available on rolled paper. 

The rows that are highlighted green will be printed on rolled paper as cut sheets are not available in this size, rows not highlighted will printed on cut sheet.

Canvas Print Size Options and Prices

Handover and delivery

Once printed we like to allow them to dry for at least 12 -24 hrs and depending on drying space available it may take a few days to get your order completed. Depending on the size of the print it will either be rolled and  put into a tube, or kept flat and into a sealed plastic sleeve with a backing board. Both options the print will be wrapped in acid free tissue paper for extra protection. 

*NOTE* Hard cardboard tubes are available if required and will be an additional cost of $5 added. You are welcome to provide your own if you wish. Alternatively if you have your own method of transferring prints we can adhere to that, such as an artist’s portfolio case..

As photographic prints are extremely delicate we strongly recommend that if you are getting a framer to finish off your print that you do not unroll it, hand it over directly to your framer inside the tube to avoid damage.