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Out shooting a new image at one of my local beaches in Esperance, Western Australia

Breaking the Drought

April 02, 2019

You know when it's been so long since you've done something you love and how amazing it feels to get right back in?

Yeah, that was me the other night...

It's been months since I last went out to capture the beauty in my backyard; Esperance in Western Australia, the beach, the waves, the ocean... a magical sunset - can it get any better!?

This image has broken the drought, and the feeling of being out shooting again was exhilarating.  A light breeze, a little on the cool side but then winter is coming... 

With not too many people about I took a chance to set up my tripod on the steps leading down to the beach (my last few images I've been obsessed with having stairs in them) making sure my tripod was level I attached my camera and checked the horizon was level.  Setting up for a panorama shot, I wondered why my it all felt different, I'd forgotten to add a crucial part to my tripod (well it has been months! lol) I finally got everything set up, filters on and started to shoot.  I didn't have to wait long for the sun to disappear behind the headland and it gave such a beautiful glow across the scenery just as it was going down.

Tell me all about the time you got back into something you love!



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